Updated core code to be compatibe with php 7.3.
Added ability to append a custom credit card processing fee per location.
Updated invoicing screen to display a credit card processing fee if present.
General Bug Fixes.

Added Archived Events to Booking Screen.
Added Room Legend to Book a Room Screen.
Added Team Bookings to Team Captains Bookings Screen.
Added Mail Notifications to Member Notes when a Notification is Sent.
Corrected Notification Alert Bug on Overage for Room Bookings.
Removed Monthly Discount from Single Stand-alone Invoices.
General Bug Fixes.

Changes to Invoice Structure. System Sends Email to Users Based on Created Invoice and Declined Charges.
Database Update.
General Bug Fixes.

Added Ability to Pick Custom Dates for Invoice Reporting.
Corrected Stripe Errors when Creating Invoices with a Zero Balance.
General Bug Fixes.

Added Ability to Create Single, Nonrecurring Invoices for Existing Members.
Ability to Remove Stripe Profile from Active Members.

Updated Stripe API to Version 2018-11-08.

Ability to Archive Invoices.
Ability to Reset Stripe Account and Clear Customer Tokens.
Updated Script Paths and Cron Settings.

AWS Instance
PHP 7.2 Prepwork.
Security Enhancements.
Stripe API Adjustments for Updated Member Email Address.
One Time Charge for New Members.
Additional Assets Loaded to S3.
AJAX Datatable Render vs. HTML.
General Bug Fixes.

Stripe.js Integration Completed.
Invoicing Integration.
Ability to Pay by Check.
Allow Monthly Discounts.
Pro-rate Charges when Adding New Members.
Allow Discounts on Set-up fees.
Created the Ability to Have Teams.
Team Captains Assume Booking Hours of Team Members.
Added a Tax Manager.
Updated User Interface for Booking Rooms.
User Interace Upgrades.
Security Enhancements that Integrate with Stripe.

Core Code Update to be Fully Object Oriented and Specific Classes for Various Services and Features.
User Interface Updates.
Updates to Membership Addon Modules.
Profile Bug Fixes.
Success and Error Modules Rewritten and Defined.
Foundations defined for Stripe and Freshbooks Integration.

v 3.0.1
Image Assets Loaded to S3.
Updated Password Rules.
Validation Javascript Updated
Updated to Version 3.3.1 for jQuery.
Console Erros Corrected.
Fixed Reservation Timer on Member Details Page.
UI Updates.
Security Updates.
Bug Fixes.

v 3.0
Complete User Interface Redesign.
New Main App Domain:
Moved Tool Outside /ezmanager Directory.
Rebranded Name and Logo.
Manage Email Templates per Location.
Store Email Template Data in Database per Locaton.
Ability to Create Custom Membership Agreemens per Location.
Option to Link to an External Membership Agreement.
Option to Link to an External Invoicing Service.
Ability to Update Username/Email Address.
Updated Tool to be php 7.2 Compliant.
Removed Short Tags
Timezone Support per Location.
Updated to Version 3.0.
Security Updates.
Bug Fixes.

v 2.3
Began adding jQuery Datatables to the UX inteface.
Began the process of making the UX mobile responsive.
Security updates.
Initial commit to GIT for version control.
Bug Fixes.

v 2.2
Updated the ability to manage and edit locations as an Admin user per location.
Added the ability to edit html templates and message message content of email on a per location basis and email templates as an Admin user.
Bug fixes in membership dropdown on admin members listing page. Dropdown is now location/member specific.
Added logging of members on a per location basis for tracking access.
A member is logged as access when they log into the EZ Manager.

v 2.1
Updated user profile to allow for multiple names in mailbox view.
Bug fixes in membership add-ons.